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Standard Products

Type Switching function
Poles - 1
MPS 103 D on - on
MPS 103 F on - mom
Poles - 2
MPS 203 N on - on
MPS 203 R on - mom


CO 106 cover chromium-plated
CO 106S cover black
KM 403 button orange
KM 404 button blue
KM 405 button black
KM 406 button green
KM 407 button grey
KM 408 button yellow
KM 409 button red
KM 410 button white
KM 603 button orange
KM 604 button blue
KM 605 button black
KM 606 button green
KM 607 button grey
KM 608 button yellow
KM 609 button red
KM 610 button white

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