PR143 - Released Jun 2023

New Panel-mount keylock-switches

knitter-switch, one of Europe’s leading switch manufacturers, has extended its product range of keylock-switches.


The MRK216, MRK 1091 and MRK 1343/1444 are panel-mount keylock-switches. The possible mounting thread is M12x1 and M19 x1. The switches can be delivered as single pole or double pole and with 2 to 4 switch positions. The contact rating is up to 250 V (MRK216).

The MRK Series can be delivered as customized assemblies with wires and connector.


The New keylock switch are for all applications with limited access! They can be used in Control-boards, switch cabinets, machines or registers.


The MRK series– as well as the complete wide range of standard DIL, tact, rotary encoder, toggle and push-button switches are available directly from knitter-switch and a number of distributors throughout Europe. Samples are available on request. For more information visit