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New from knitter-switch: Inductive components

Press Release From knitter-switch

Knitter-switch represents ICS, a new dynamic Manufacturer of a wide range of inductive components, exclusively in Europe. Together with our sales partner ARROW we close a gap in ARROWs line card as well as a gap in the market. Most of the big suppliers concentrate on inductive components for signals (low power), while we are concentrating on power-electronics.

Power-electronics is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. A good reason is, that only 70-80% of the power we use is really used in a “good” way. 20-30% is wasted either with unwanted noise or heat. Our inductive components are helping to reduce this problem. ICS has one of the widest product ranges on the market (see opposite side).  In addition we offer customized solutions even for small and medium quantities and quick sampling, no matter if it is a standard or custom made part.

The main markets we see are switch-mode power supplies (help to enable the power supply to deal with different input voltages (100-230V) globally and create always the same output (f.e. 12V), AC motor-controls, DC-AC converters (especially for the solar and wind-power industry)and line-filters/EMI protection.

We have divided our products in 3 main groups:

Power Inductors
are used to handle the ripple, store energy, and/or to block the AC. It is used in 80% of all power supplies. We have this type of chokes in radial, axial, torrid SMT, etc. The most growing market are the PFC chokes (Power Factor Correction), a market where we put a lot of focus.

Common mode chokes
are used in every application, connected to the main. It is a choke, with two identical windings on the same core. The choke is a double low pass filter. It prevents EMI from going into the application, but also EMI to pass back to the main. We can also supply common mode chokes for 3 phase applications. We have common mode chokes from 0,1-100mH, and up to 30Amp. We can support the market with many different shapes and are able to fulfill nearly every customer need. In this group, we have one of the widest programs on the market.

are mainly used when the customer transforms a higher voltage to a lower voltage in the application, but also very often as a galvanic isolation, between two circuits on the PCB.  95% of all transformers are “custom-made“, while we see a trend to SMT transformers which also can be supplied on T/R. All the transformers we supply are made of Ferrite, and are used for high frequency applications (over 10kHz). Also in this technology we have so many different shapes, and sizes we can offer to the market. We can offer all the standard shapes, like: (EE, RM, PQ, EI, EF, EP etc.) and sizes from small 5x5 mm  to 110x110mm.

The attached image shows the new ICS Products


About knitter-switch

knitter-switch is one of Europe’s leading switch manufacturers. Since its foundation in 1966, knitter-switch has remained at the forefront of switch technology and now provides an unrivalled range of switching solutions from basic toggle types to membranes and tactile switches for today’s complex communications applications.

knitter-switch has its headquarters near Munich and has subsidiary companies in the UK, Denmark, France and Asia and strategic alliances with a number of leading distributors. The company’s website can be found on

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