PR 140 - Released Feb 2022


New tampercontact as a low budget alterntive

knitter-switch is launching a new, innovative product in its rubber keypad segment: a sabotage contact.

The component made of silicone rubber is a reliable low budget alternative as manipulation protection for many devices such as alarm systems, smart meters or e.g. toll boxes.


The functional principle is reliable: two (or more) contact surfaces on the device board are bridged by a carbon pill. The carbon pill is located at the end of a silicone rubber plunger, which is attached to the housing part to be monitored. The silicone rubber plunger thus generates the contact pressure as long as the housing is not damaged or manipulated. If the relevant part of the housing is removed, the carbon pill is released from the circuit board and the switching status changes from "closed" to "open". The principle thus corresponds to a normally open contact.


The new sabotage contact from knitter-switch has a simple structure and can be customized. The travel should be at least 1mm, a few 100mOhms are possible as contact resistance.