Membrane Keypads & Rubber Keypads

Membrane keypads offer a unique combination of features to enable fast and simple supply of customerspecific keypads. High quality products, designed in Germany and manufactured in Asia to ensure competitive prices, are backed up by local design and sales support to ensure fast and accurate communications and rapid delivery of each customer's requirements. Switches are available in flat, poly-domed and metaldomed types, giving a variety of levels of tactile feedback, and life expectancy in excess upto one million operations. All knitter-switch membrane keypad designs are tested for resistance to surface scratching, thermal shock, electrical ratings and operating lifetime.
Silicone rubber keypads are manufactured from elastic, non-toxic silicone rubber compounds. Silicone keypads are processed from compression or injection molding. The result is an economic and reliable keypad for small, medium and large production runs. Silicone keypads can be integrated with printed circuit boards or flexible circuits and have excellent resitance to temperature and aging.


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